Club History

The Oxbow Estates were originally founded in 1975 by Doug Schnell, Bill Swanston, John McCormick, Jr., and Richard Herbst. The goal of these founders was to create a unique residential and recreational community with Oxbow Country Club as its focus. Oxbow was created to escape the hectic pace of everyday life, and the original red barn Clubhouse paid tribute to the area's rural background, 

In 2015, Oxbow Country Club began a renovation which would eventually result in a complete rebuild of its clubhouse and pool, as well as the golf course. The gorgeous new clubhouse opened in November of 2016, followed by the pool complex in May of 2017. The golf course was the last remaining piece and was completed August 2019.

While the clubhouse and golf course have certainly changed, the ideals set forth by the original developers remains constant. Oxbow Country Club is still a refuge where you and your family can enjoy natural beauty and recreational opportunity.